100 Ways To A Better Day

Day 26

The hashtag “LetsMakeTodayBetterBy” is trending on twitter today. I tweeted out a couple of ideas on how to make today better, and then it occurred to me that this idea of making today better is really gratitude in action. A while ago, I practiced a gratitude exercise for 28 days from Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic. Gratitude has become a part of my thinking. According to Rhonda Byrne, “after 28 days you will have rewired your brain, and implanted gratitude in your subconscious mind, where it is automatically the first thing that comes to your mind in any situation.”

Yesterday, I searched for my 28 days of gratitude file, got busy and didn’t look at it. I also got my site artwork underway with Hana Shafi, who produced exactly what I wanted – you can see her artistry displayed in today’s feature image. Yesterday’s thoughts and inspired action have manifested as today’s post.

Here are 100 suggestions on how to make a better day. Try to pick a different one every day for 28 days, or if you’re feeling very ambitious, accept my 100 day challenge, and try one of my suggestions, or come up with your own every day for the next 100 days!


  1. Embracing your journey
  2. Seeing the good in everything
  3. Spending time with loved ones
  4. Playing with your pets
  5. Paying attention to your children
  6. Cooking a great meal
  7. Living in the moment
  8. Donating resources to a favorite charity
  9. Saying I love you
  10. Being grateful
  11. Going for a walk
  12. Spending time in nature
  13. Holding the door open
  14. Saying thank you
  15. Having a good glass of wine
  16. Rescuing an animal
  17. Helping a stranger
  18. Appreciating your parents
  19. Counting your blessings
  20. Feeding your soul
  21. Listening to music
  22. Moving your body
  23. Planning a trip
  24. Making a snow angel
  25. Smelling a flower
  26. Feeding a homeless person
  27. Taking public transportation
  28. Understanding someone’s point of view
  29. Watching a good movie
  30. Reading a good book
  31. Stretching
  32. Taking a deep breath
  33. Pausing
  34. Take a hot bath
  35. Eliminating worry
  36. Soaking in a hot tub
  37. Getting a massage
  38. Eating some good hot soup
  39. Helping a co-worker
  40. Offering encouragement
  41. Listening
  42. Being your authentic self
  43. Being positive
  44. Shoveling the neighbor’s walkway
  45. Putting some food out for a stray
  46. Hugging someone
  47. Being kind to everyone you speak to
  48. Praying
  49. Acknowledging the service people who make your day easier
  50. Trying not to judge yourself or others
  51. Being thankful for your health
  52. Loving your body just the way it is
  53. Following your bliss
  54. Smiling
  55. Letting your staff go home early
  56. Relinquishing blame
  57. Eating your favorite food
  58. Being happy for no reason
  59. Getting a manicure
  60. Giving an underprivileged child a special treat
  61. Spending time with a senior
  62. Sharing
  63. Calling your grandparents
  64. Volunteering
  65. Recycling
  66. Renewing
  67. Reusing
  68. Watering your plants
  69. Lighting a candle
  70. Throwing away some litter
  71. Picking up the check
  72. Supporting your local farmers
  73. Eating vegan
  74. Learning a new skill
  75. Writing a blog
  76. Thanking a veteran
  77. Going to your place of worship
  78. Saying hello to a stranger
  79. Congratulating someone on a job well done
  80. Welcoming a guest into your home
  81. Praising a friend
  82. Raising your awareness
  83. Telling a joke
  84. Disposing of guilt & regret
  85. Making someone laugh
  86. Holding a hand
  87. Taking care of yourself
  88. Sending a thank you note
  89. Blessing a child
  90. Going to sleep early
  91. Telling your siblings how much they matter
  92. Enjoying the sunset
  93. Giving old clothes to charity
  94. Leaving a nice tip for the waiter
  95. Offering your expertise for free
  96. Embracing a new concept
  97. Imagining your best self
  98. Appreciating the fresh air you breathe
  99. Letting go of anger & resentment
  100. Believing that anything is possible

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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