May Flowers

Day 126

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

– Oprah Winfrey

Move over April showers, it’s time for sunshine and May flowers! I’ve had some not-so-pleasant experiences in the last couple of weeks, and it occurred to me this morning that although I know that my thoughts and beliefs attracted these situations into my consciousness, I have not cleared the old programming, so I will continue to attract the same energy.

There is nothing wrong with feeling upset, it’s a natural response to an undesirable circumstance. Be authentic. Own it. Acknowledge and accept your feelings, only then can you let them go. When you try to mask your feelings or deny what you feel, you increase their vibrational pull and attract more of the same into your life because what you resist persists.

The more you try to resist your feelings, push them down or ignore them, they will not only grow and attract similar situations into your experience, but they will become ingrained in your thinking and eventually become beliefs. Owning your feelings is an important first step to figuring out what limiting beliefs you’re holding on. Once you have, you can clear them so they stop wreaking havoc in your life. Time to let that sh*t go!

Easier said than done right? Sometimes even if you want to let go of old programming, it’s difficult to get yourself into a different head space that serves you better. It’s ok if you aren’t ready to let go of the old programming. Don’t beat yourself up. It took time to develop those thoughts and beliefs, so don’t worry if you can’t release them immediately. Awareness that your thoughts create your experience is the most important step, and eventually you’ll change your thinking so the repeated patterns no longer show up.

In the meantime, you can do a few things to change your focus and start attracting what you do want. Here’s a few tips on how to do that.

Tip #1  – Be Grateful
Wake up every morning and be grateful for another day. Be thankful for the fresh air you have to breath and the clean water you have to drink. Praise all the goodness in your life. It will bring more goodness to you. Be grateful for the storms, they make you appreciate the sun.

music noteBlog Beats: Grateful by Rita Ora

Tip #2  – Change Your Focus
Stop focusing on the negative experience, thought, or belief. Think about something else. Focus on what makes you happy. Go for a walk, listen to inspiring music, spend time with your loved ones, play with your pets, get some flowers or light some candles.

“Good things happen when you distance yourself from negativity and those who create it.”

– David Wolfe

Tip #3  – Visualize
Use this infinite ocean of abundance visualization, or create your own mini-movie in your mind of what it will look like when your desires have manifested. Make it as vivid as you can with all of your senses. See, hear, feel, taste, and smell the scene. Who is there with you? What are you doing? Where are you? Then, set aside 15 minutes a day to allow yourself to relax and let your mind focus on this reality. Visualize your movie and feel as though you are already living it.

“The appearance of things change according to the emotions, and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.”

– Kahlil Gibran

Tip #4 – Create A Vision Board
It can be as simple as pinning a picture of your dream house to your fridge so you can see it all the time. Or you can make a collage of images representing all of your desires either in digital form or on a cork board. Spend some time everyday looking at your board and imagining the life of your dreams.

When you incorporate these small steps into your daily life, they become habits and help reprogram your old thoughts and beliefs into new ones that serve you better.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Embrace your journey into self discovery.

Get inspired to create a life you love.

Awaken to the truth of your Divine Magnificence.

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