Magnetic Force

Day 137

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”

– Elbert Hubbard

I know that having a positive outlook will change your life for the better – that’s the premise of my positivity 365 project, but I didn’t fully realize what an impact my daily writing about positivity has had on my outlook. I’m a little surprised at how therapeutic it has become for me.

I caught up on the last week’s posts today, and as I wrote them, I noticed that my mood got better and the sinus congestion that had been causing severe headaches and pressure all week actually started to clear up. I realized that there was a direct correlation between expressing my thoughts and feelings and the relief of my ailments. The process of validating my emotions and giving them a voice was the elixir I needed to release the stuck feelings, both physically and emotionally.

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This is a great example of how your energetic vibration attracts like experiences to you. It’s easy to get stuck in negativity because once you’re there, you keep attracting more of the same. As soon as you make the slightest attempt to move towards a better feeling and release the undesirable ones, you begin to attract more positivity, and that in turn, begets more positivity and it starts to snowball into happiness.

“You attract by your vibration. Everything in the Universe is experiencing the powerful Law of attraction…And when you are vibrating in pain, you cannot attract joy. The vibration of pain attracts only pain. The vibration of joy attracts joy, the vibration of illness attracts illness…The Law IS, and the wonderful thing is that once you understand the Law, and you are sensitive enough to feel how you are vibrating, then you have control of your experience.”

– Abraham-Hicks

That’s what happened for me. As I wrote each post, I felt better, and the day kept improving as I went on. You may remember that I was having issues with my Apple Computer products a couple of months ago. After several weeks of working directly with Apple’s engineers with no resolution, I decided to wait for the promised update to the software instead of working with them independently. Last week, it occurred to me that it had been way too long since I heard anything from them, and I intended to reach out to Tim Cook’s liaison that I had been working with to find out when I could expect a fix. I didn’t get around to it, and to my surprise, they finally released an update today.

Remember this: when you’re feeling down, even if you can’t access a better feeling, try to express whatever you do feel in the way that works best for you. Do something that brings you joy – it might be journaling, talking to a friend, or even expressing your feelings to yourself out loud, maybe it’s a sport or baking, it doesn’t matter what the activity is, just express your truth through your passion, and watch how it will lift your spirits. Once that happens, the sky is no limit!

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

– Joseph Campbell

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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