Waiting To Exhale

Day 158

“Set your intention, then allow the Universe to figure out the details, trusting in Divine Time, knowing all is in Perfect Order.”

– ‘tude Vox Ro

You know that belief that once you reach a certain milestone, you feel like then your life will finally begin? Once I finish school, my life will begin. Once I meet the man of my dreams, everything will fall into place. Once I <fill in the blank>, life will open up. Sound familiar?

And what happens once you reach that milestone?

Yup, nothing changes – because you were expecting that accomplishment to change your life, but you will only see lasting change when you change your beliefs about the things in your life that you want to change. The change must occur in your mind before you see the results in your life.

It’s no coincidence that I came across this video on divine timing right after I started my visualization practice again. I’ve talked about the law of attraction steps to manifest your desires, and how you must take action, regardless of what the action is, but it is equally important that to have patience and know that your desire will come at the perfect time.

“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”

– David G. Allen

Sometimes when we’ve done everything we “are supposed” to do, we expect things to manifest instantly and if they don’t, we stop believing. That’s the worst thing to do – when we stop believing, we get into a mindset of lack, and undo all the work we’ve done. You cannot manifest anything from a state of lack, you must be coming from an abundant mindset.

It’s important to allow things to unfold in divine timing, and remember that action alone will not manifest your dreams. You must clear your limiting beliefs and allow your desires to come to you in the perfect time. You must surrender to the Universe, and have faith that you will receive that which you desire when you are truly ready. Once that happens, the universe will manifest your desire.

Be patient and allow the universe to bring you what you desire when you are ready for it. In the meantime, don’t rob yourself by waiting for your life to begin, live it as though you have already received your desires now, and they will follow…it’s just a matter of time, Divine Time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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