Hold It In Your Mind

Day 253

“You will see it when you believe it.”

– Wayne Dyer

I’ve had faith at the forefront of mind for the last couple of days due to the whirlwind of the Universe rallying around me. I picked up my book before bed last night, and of course, what I read reflected back exactly what I have been experiencing this week – that the Universe delivers when you have faith, and you believe that your desire has been fulfilled before you see it.

Here is today’s Food For Thought Friday series gem:

“Life is like a labyrinth, and the path to successful completion of your goal may be filled with blind alleys and dead ends. How do you keep from losing heart?

By focusing on the desired outcome.

I sometimes cheat a little when I am doing a maze puzzle: I do it backward. Starting from the exit, I work my way back to the entrance point. For some reason, it’s easier that way. You can use this same approach in getting your goals. Start from the destination, and then figure out how to get there.

A plane flying from the mainland to Hawaii is, 90 percent of the time, off course—but it is constantly correcting. The pilot knows he’s headed to Hawaii so when the plane deviates, or the winds throw him off course, he checks his needle and magnetic heading, adjusts, and gets back on track. Eventually, the plane lands on that tiny island in a huge ocean—on exactly the right, narrow airstrip. So too with goals, we need to check our compass and remember where we are heading.

“Hold It in Your Mind You Want a Pool”

My friend Erich Parce told me this story once when I was discouraged. His friend, Lou Tice, the well-known motivational speaker, told how his children wanted a swimming pool in their backyard. It wasn’t in the family budget, but Lou was never one to discourage dreams. He didn’t tell them the pool was out of the question, he just kept answering, when they brought it up, “Hold it in your mind that you want a pool.”

One day they were all out taking a ride in the car, and they spotted a huge pool above the ground in someone’s yard—just the kind of pool they were looking for.

Dad,” they begged, “let’s stop and ask them where they got it and how much it cost.”

Lou was reluctant to knock on a stranger’s door, but his kids were so excited, he relented. Can you imagine his shock at the homeowner’s response?

“We’re trying to get rid of that pool—we hardly ever use it and we want to plant a garden there—would you like it?”

Free of charge, the Tice family now had their pool.

The pool story reminds me of the importance of faith. We need to have faith that we will reach our goals; to bolster faith when it flags, write it down as a reality.”

– Henriette Anne Klauser
Write It Down Make It Happen

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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