Happy Day

Day 269

“The essence of life is not in the great victories and grand failures, but in the simple joys. “

– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

My day began with my cat Ippa, sleeping in way late, on top of me, and I didn’t have the heart to get up and disturb her, so I stayed in bed way late too, and that set the pace for the day.

It’s a lazy Sunday – the kind of day that you just chill and relax, feed your body and soul with some good music, cook a good meal, and savor a good bottle of red – jazz is playing in the background, my delicious homemade spaghetti sauce is simmering low and slow, sending a wonderful aroma all through the house, and the wine is smooth.

For some reason, I got the idea of flash mobs in my head and watched dozens of them this morning to pass time as I waited for Ippa to get up. I’m sharing three that I thought were pretty great, inspiring, joyful and moving…for the simple joy of it. Enjoy!

Flash Mob #1: The Sound of Music – It’s not possible to watch this without smiling.

Flash Mob #2: Best Day of My Life – Make every day the best day of your life!

Flash Mob #3: Hallelujah – Praise Goodness.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Embrace your journey into self discovery.

Get inspired to create a life you love.

Awaken to the truth of your Divine Magnificence.

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