Recognize It. Accept It. Own It.

Day 284

“Asking is the beginning of receiving. Make sure you don’t go to the ocean with a teaspoon. At least take a bucket so the kids won’t laugh at you.”

– Jim Rohn

At the beginning of this month, when I logged on to one of my first web-based email accounts, I was forced to change my password for security reasons. I let my computer generate the new password without writing it down. I assumed that my computer would save the new password, but I soon found out that it didn’t, and I could no longer access my account.

I tried to recover my password, but I couldn’t remember the answers to the security questions either. I only use this email for one-off stuff that I want to keep separate from my day-to-day email, and I know it’s not difficult to create a new email address, but I am somewhat attached to this one because I’ve had it for almost 20 years, so I was bummed that it appeared to have locked me out permanently.

The next day, I tried a few other possible answers to the first security question, and finally got it, but then I got stumped with the answer to the second question. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing worked. Finally, I gave up, resigned to accept my account was gone forever.

I started reading E-Squared by Pam Grout a few days ago. So far, I’m loving the book, and I highly recommend it. The book has a bunch of do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality.

The first experiment is to prove the existence an invisible energy field, which I already believe there is, so I was excited to do this experiment. It simply involved asking the invisible force to make its presence known with a clear, unmistakable sign within exactly 48 hours.

Pam emphasized three things to ensure the success of the experiment: 1) make sure that you expect to receive the sign; 2) be mindful of your surroundings; and 3) look everywhere with an open mind to make sure you don’t miss your gift when it shows up

Recognizing a blessing is the first step to receiving it.

My 48 hours ended this morning at 8am, and although there were a few occurrences in the last 2 days that I thought might have been the sign, they were not things that couldn’t be written off as “coincidence”, which was part of the deal. I was content with accepting that I had received a subtle sign, but wished that it had been unmistakable like it was supposed to be.

At about 9am this morning, I remembered that another possible answer to security question #2 had popped into my head out-of-the-blue yesterday, and I had forgotten to try it. The answer that came to me within the 48 hours of my experiment was an expression a friend of mine used to say 20 years ago, and she hasn’t even said it for at least 15 years, so it’s something that would never have occurred to me because it’s not even my own expression. Of course, it worked and I was able to access my account and change the password to one I know!

I did receive my clear, unmistakable sign within exactly 48 hours. It just took me a bit longer to recognize that I had received it.

Pam did say to ask the force for help in recognizing the sign.

Sometimes, there are blessings right in front of us, but we are not mindful of receiving, so we don’t even notice them.

I often talk about giving, but the flip side of the giving is receiving, and it is equally essential to learn the art of receiving as it is to give, in order to create your dream life, and be your best self.

In total synchronicity, I saw the following video this morning about the importance of allowing others to help you –  the importance of receiving.

If you’re like me, asking for help or accepting a compliment doesn’t come easy, but we must be mindful of just how important it is to let others help us be the best version of ourselves that we can be. Kerry Washington’s words are truly inspired.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help.


Ask your loved ones, your colleagues, the Universe.

But do ask…and you shall receive.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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