Black Magic

Day 293

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

– Roald Dahl

We live in a world of magic. Real magic, not the kind you see in the movies or read about in fantasy literature, but the stuff that creates life, and makes the sun shine, and the earth orbit the sun, and that makes gravity and space and time all work; the kind that makes anything you can possibly imagine a possible reality.

Of course, each of us hold beliefs that make that statement more or less true in our own experience. We are also conditioned to associate certain rituals, words, ideas, and concepts with specific corresponding judgements.

For example, when I saw today’s daily prompt, underground,” my first instinct was to give it a negative connotation, and I was tempted to shy away from responding to today’s prompt because it’s not positive. I left it for a while and then thoughts of witchcraft and black magic came to mind – things I associate with the underground.

I decided to move forward with today’s prompt to show that words are not negative, only the meaning we attach to them makes them so.

synchronicity-icon Synchronicity Snippet: After I decided to move forward with today’s prompt, I went back to reading a book I started last week. The following passage is what I read!

“Quantum Physics talks about the field of potentialities and possibilities. This field is completely unpredictable. It has to be completely unpredictable and completely open in order to truly contain any possibility. If the field is predictable, it would then tend towards a certain fatalistic outcome and our potentials or possibilities would therefore be limited. However, we now know that the Quantum field is unlimited and literally put, anything is possible. Since anything IS indeed possible, the moment we ascribe a cause to something, IT IS SO. The moment we say something is the REASON for something, IT IS SO… because we proclaim it to be so.

Therefore, people who are superstitious and often looking for external causes frequently say things like, “Oh, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, therefore…” Now recognize that when you say or even think something, you are not saying those words to a field of nothingness. You are saying those words out loud to the FIELD of quantum possibilities that literally, surrounds you. It is just that our five senses cannot properly perceive this field yet! So when you ascribe a cause to something, and make up your own reason for something… it literally becomes so! The belief becomes reality in your world and literally perpetuates itself.

Back to the question of whether lucky charms and superstitions work – THEY DO. They work exactly because of the principles we have touched upon earlier. They work because you PROCLAIM them to work, thereby collapsing the quantum field of possibilities (where anything CAN happen) into a particular outcome or certainty. From that particular outcome or certainty, you then “attract” and “gravitate towards” a smaller subset of outcomes or certainties until things line up exactly the way as you imagined or intended them to be… enough for you to look at all the evidence and say: “See! I told you so!”

So therefore if you have a strong, underlying belief that “wearing black is unlucky” and you believe in it strongly… It would be unwise for you to go against it, for in your current belief system, you have collapsed all the possibilities (including one of black being “lucky”) into a certain pre-destined outcome. And your reality, events, and circumstances from that point onwards will match that! This is the role of lucky charms in your life! If some spiritual master tells you that buying a $5,000 statue or reciting a particular mantra is good for you and you trust him dearly, then you had better do it… because that is the way your current belief system is set up. So is that spiritual master right? Of course he is. But is he telling you the “whole truth”, that you can be free from him and free from such crutches? Maybe not.”

“You can be free from all the crutches and tools that bind you. You should only use them when appropriate, as “learning aids” along your journey. I use them as learning aids along my journey, often switching from one tool or meditation to another, often with great results. But I am not stubborn. I do not cling on to these tools. I know it is not the tools that bring about the results but my understanding and application of the Universal principles that these tools are helping me do. At the end of the day, it is not even my understanding or application that matters. It is up to the Universe, more commonly known as God’s grace. Everything happens by grace, indeed.”

check-markQuote Of The Day: Inspiring Words by J.K. Rowling

“We can affirm or set intentions and wish for something so hard… but if it is not aligned with our highest good, it will not appear in our lives. This is not being Pollyannaish, but recognizing an important and real spiritual truth. How many times have you said, “Thank God that thing I asked for at age 16 did not come true!” Of course, it does not only happen at age 16. But I am constantly amazed by how a Higher Power always knows better than I do, and I am at a stage today where I can look at the unmanifest things in my life and give thanks for them. Today I understand that everything is in my life for a reason, and some things may come into my life at a later time, or not at all.”

– Richard Dotts
Banned Manifestation Secrets

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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