The Edge Of Heaven

Day 361

“The best time to do, be and have what you want is whenever you think of it – it’s never too late or too early to follow your bliss.”

– Rajni Kurichh

Today’s principle of positivity was meant to be a reminder that age is just a number; that there’s no reason to believe that we have to slow down once we get older, or that we have to wait until we’re old enough to accomplish anything we desire.

When I put my list of principles together at the end of November for my Thirty-One Days Of December year-in-review, I thought about including death and loss on my list – I’ve written about it throughout the year, but I opted not to include it.

However, the Universe decided I needed to include it, and rightfully so. The thing is, there can be no positivity without being real, and if you’re breathing, then death is a very real part of your experience.

As anything-but-luck would have it, it seems fitting that this post is still a message about breaking down age barriers, but I’m writing a different post than I had imagined – one that includes some discussion about the afterlife.

This has been a year of significant loss to the music industry, particularly if you grew up in the ’70s or ’80s because many of the musicians who returned to their eternal spiritual form this year were the icons of our generation. David Bowie, Prince, Maurice Gibb, Glenn Frey, and Leonard Cohen to name a few. Sadly, George Michael also returned to his heavenly abode yesterday. It was his Last Christmas

George, thank you for all the joy and light you brought to the world. Rest In Peace. You will be missed.

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (June 25, 1963 – December 25, 2016)

Today’s post is my tribute not only to George Michael, but also to the talented musicians of my generation who have left their indelible mark in our hearts and given us the gift of being able to bring forth precious memories every time we hear their sweet melodies.

The reason these artists have etched their soul-prints in our hearts is because they were trail brazers. They didn’t let circumstances and limiting beliefs hold them back. Whether they started out young or kept going past “their prime”, they were beacons of light, showing us that it’s always a good time to live a life you love. They showed us that age really is just a number and we can be, do and have whatever we desire, when we believe in ourselves, and pursue our dreams, at any age.


George Michael had some iconic songs, among them was the title track from his debut solo album, Faith. Interestingly, the album cover features the symbols for Faith, Music, Money, Religion, and Love. Things that we all struggle with; strive for; and inspire us. I believe it’s symbolic of what’s possible when we have faith.


Believe in yourself. Don’t let age stop you from doing, being or having anything you desire, the age is now to take your dreams to The Edge of Heaven.

thumbs-up 31 Days Of December French Hens & Turtle Doves Positivity Practice #26: Ageless

Let go of age barriers. Rekindle your passion.


Go to my French Hens & Turtle Doves page to see how I rekindled a childhood passion today!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

12 thoughts on “The Edge Of Heaven

  1. I have not been getting your posts and it’s almost the end of January. I hope all is good and if you can please put me back on your email list. Thanks so much. Hope your New Year is going well. ☮❤🐷

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Dear Michele, Happy New Year! Hope all is well on your end. You are still on my email list, I have not written since Jan 1 – it’s been a very hectic month! I will be getting back to it in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I hope you are doing well and thanks so much for checking in! 😘🐷🙏🏽


  2. Awesome tribute to a great music icon [George Michael] and some others! You’re absolutely right-faith is what will help us make things possible. It is the apostrophe (‘)that converts the word ‘impossible’ to [i’m possible].

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  3. Superb post Rajni and I too loved George so much and his songs were amazing and so heart warming. Great and yes we all have to go sometime or the another, this is just a temporary house, we do not belong here. Death is a celebration and Life is living in the most beautiful way.

    Liked by 1 person

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