What People Are Saying

Practical, usable guidance!

“Anything IS possible if you believe it and dream it. Every time I’ve had a problem, Rajni has been by my side to help me see that the answer will present itself right when I need it.  Fearless in asking for what I was worth, fearless in how to ask for what I was worth, fearless in presenting what I was worth, and fearless in saying no to things that diminished my worth. Rajni not only helped me expand my big vision, but she gave me practical, usable guidance and ideas on how to actually do it!! She has been very supportive as I worked through my fears and pushed me to manifest what I needed, when I needed it. The universe does support your dreams.”

— Sarah B.

Found your work so helpful!

“I am also in small small doses trying your laws of attraction. More than that, I am becoming mindful of messages from the universe. You are doing great work! Thank you!”

— Rose A.


“Your blog is an uplifting place to visit & I always feel positive after reading your work.”

— Emma C.

Miracle Worker!

“Rajni was a miracle worker when it came to creating all of our wedding day media.

She started off by creating a beautiful pink wonderland themed invitation for my bridal shower. She then took the graphic from our Indian themed henna invitations and recreated it for our wedding program, dinner menu cards and wine themed table number cards.

I shared my vision for a spicy hot sauce label for our wedding keepsakes and she created a personalized funky image that we were able to print and put onto our spice jars!

Rajni is creative and super quick in her turn around times. Once she has taken on your project, she gives you 200% and pours all of her creative passion and digital genius into your end product.

It was a pleasure working with Rajni, she turned my wedding planning experience into a super fun project and made me feel pampered during this very special time in my life. I highly recommend her for any project that needs some digital pizazz and beautiful design elements.”

— Kanchan & Kal


“Ever since I have followed you, it sorta became a morning ritual for me to start my day reading your positivity post. Your every thought and motion contributes to the beauty of the universe. The love I have received here is just magical.”

— Neal


“I started reading about manifestation, positivity, gratitude just few months back..and then I came across you…you keep me motivated. Thank you.”

— Diviya

Keep It Up!

“This is so so so Awesome!!!! I found your little space…so glad I did!! You are inspiring!”

— Kumin K.

Positive Messages

“Love all your posts and writings. This is great. Each gets better and better. Thank you so much for all your great writings and positive messages.”

— Michele W.

Full of Positivity!

“Thank you, thank you that is the only words I would like to write Rajni. You are so full of positivity and all your posts are a blessing to all of us.”

— Kamal


“What a delight to see how you write! I love your blog and each post. Thank you for sharing your talents.”

— Jackie P.

So helpful & inspiring

“Rajni, keep up the great work. You are helping me with my journey more than I can express, so thank you for inspiring me day after day consistently.”

— Anna W.

Touched my life

“Thanks for touching my life and inspiring me with your love of positivity and generosity, for every kind and encouraging word, for your wisdom and selflessness; for courageously blazing past set-backs and pushing beyond the boundaries of what’s possible. Thank you with all my heart!”

— Neal

Worth every second of your time!

“Y’all. This is worth every second of your time. A perfectly worded message we all need to IMPROVE on…and possibly read 20 times a day if you’re anything like myself. I hope to bring more positivity into my life through Kurilane — self-worth, self-assurance, self-LOVE!”

— Dawn N.


“Have I mentioned how thankful I am for your presence in my life?”

— Mel W.