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Music soothes the soul and puts you in a positive state of mind, letting you float away with your imagination. When you’re feeling good, you send out positive energy, and that helps to move you closer to manifesting your dreams.  So, sit back, relax & imbibe the beats.

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KL Feed Street

Food nourishes your physical & spiritual journey. When you eat delectable food, it keeps the positive energy flowing. and that in turn helps manifest your dream life. At KL Feed Street, you’ll find delicious recipes that will keep your spirits soaring.

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Kurilane Guests

Welcome to our virtual guest room, a special place where you can share your thoughts and experiences on your journey into self discovery, and the manifestation of your dream life. Please make yourself at home in my cozy little nook. Let’s have chai & a chat.

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Positivity Practice

Life can be a constant struggle for so many of us. Whether you’re struggling with finances, your professional life, body confidence, relationship issues, or you feel stuck in unwanted negative patterns and need help achieving a specific goal, I can help.

I will help you move out of this state of being by showing you how to lift up negativity wherever it creeps in, work with you get clear on your goals, and teach you how to release the blocks that are keeping you from living the life your desire.

Digital Media Creation

Need personalized media for a special event, social media or for your own personal development practice? I can create customized digital media for you.


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