Day 25

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”

– Carl Jung

I recently read a book about a near death experience where although the woman was unconscious, she was able to perceive everything that was happening in the room where her body lay. Her family made a decision to stay positive and keep hope alive, even though the situation looked grim. They took turns keeping vigil at her bedside, someone always held her hand, and they told her how much they loved her, ad nauseam. The woman did come back to her loved ones, and told the story of how she had heard them, and felt their love; and how it had helped her regain consciousness.

No matter how positive your outlook is, you will inevitably have to face some undesirable  situations throughout your life. We have adages that help us cope with them: It’s fate. Whatever happens is meant to be. It’s someone else’s fault. You need to know darkness to see the light. 

A few years ago, I went through a particularly difficult time, possibly one of the most awful experiences of my life. Although I was aware of the concept of the law of attraction, I had not tried to apply the principles of LOA to my life up until that point. It was then, at my lowest point, that I began to practice conscious creation. I started to believe that I was living in the reality that I wanted to create instead of the one that I was in. I imagined my life to be exactly how I wanted it to be, and I absolutely believed it was going to happen, despite the conditions I was actually living in. Within a month, I had turned the situation around and found myself in a place that was inconceivable just a few weeks earlier. It was when I finally stopped blaming others, and stopped believing that the situation had happened to me, that I was able to accept where I was, and acknowledge that my thoughts had created my reality. And then, I was able to change my thoughts, and I started to see a change in my world.

As long as you resist any circumstance in your life, it will continue to persist because resistance requires thought. And your thoughts create your reality. In order to move to a positive state of being, you must look within, and recognize that your thoughts are creating the disharmony. Then, you must make a conscious choice to think better thoughts. They will create a better reality.

Looking inward is hard work, it’s easier to escape than to cope with negative circumstances in our lives. We use vices to numb ourselves to whatever degree we are not willing to feel and accept our pain. For some, it’s just an occasional drink on Friday after work, for others it might be daily, annually, or during holidays. Some might eat their way to numbness, or exercise away the pain, others might play chess, it doesn’t matter what it is, its a way to stop feeling the pain.  If we allow ourselves to feel our pain, it will pass. When we hold on to it, we bring it into the future and continue to relive it in our minds. We must learn to leave it in the past. When we let go of pain and feel joy, we no longer judge. Without judgement, we are able to accept ourselves, and others just the way we are. And when that happens, we no longer need to numb ourselves.

Yesterday, I received news about a young woman who tried to take her life. She has passed the point of numbing, and is crying out for help; for understanding; for acceptance; for unconditional love, for self love. 

I wish I could help her, but I’m just one person. What can I do?


I’m an “Appler”. I have an iPhone, an iPad, and a Macbook. I use my iDevices to write this blog, to keep in touch with friends and family, to listen to music, to watch movies, to practice yoga, to research, to pay bills, to learn, to help others, to buy stuff, to offer support in times of need, basically, to make my life more comfortable. The way I did all of these things up until the ’90s is very different from how I do them now, all because of one man – Steve Jobs. His vision changed the way every single person on the planet today lives their lives.

Just one person.

One person can make all the difference, simply by embracing their own journey; by sharing their own unique vision with the world. Sweet girl, you are not alone, you are loved. You are perfect, you are divine perfection. You are so very loved. During this time of your suffering, the Lord is carrying you.

If my message can reach this young woman’s bedside, if her loved ones can hold her hand, and tell her that they love her unconditionally; that they accept her just the way she is, maybe, just maybe, she will come out of her ordeal unscathed. And, she might finally be able to let go of her pain, and see her divine beauty within.

And then, this ‘just one person‘ has made a difference.

We are all divine beings – have the courage to see your own greatness, and let your divine light shine!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Embrace your journey into self discovery.

Get inspired to create a life you love.

Awaken to the truth of your Divine Magnificence.

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