I Am Rich That I Am

Day 5

Should I keep the silent ‘H’?

I shared the blog to-date with one of my many sisters this morning. Let’s just give ’em numbers so you can keep track. This is #3, the one who offered me her home in the interim.

She was very enthusiastic. I regaled the happenings of the last few days since I started on this path. After I finished explaining how I got to Kuri Lane, she said, “but you’re not rich anymore, now you’re just Kuri”.  Hmmm. Good point.

Do I make it Kurichh Lane? And then just get that domain, but keep kurilane.com and let people go to either, like Huff Post? I do like the way kurilane.com looks.

Meanwhile, I tell sister #1, (the one who suggested Positivity Project), about the Rich or not. We both agree that I should make it Kurichh Lane instead of Kuri Lane. “But, drop the 2nd ‘H'”, she says. “I always hated it and daddy dropped it a lot.” Awesome, I get my rich after all!

Her kids and husband weigh in. They pronounce Kuri wrong, not like curry, but more like Marie Curie, and they know my last name. Maybe it’s better to call the site Kurich Lane, then once it catches on, people will shorten it to Kuri Lane anyway, and then they’ll pronounce it right.

More domains to purchase. More blogs posts to write.

The universe provides direction and guidance all the time. You just have to recognize it, and listen.

I’m listening!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

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