Snowflakes & Hot Chocolate

Day 22

Unlike most people, I actually come alive in colder weather and have more energy to be out and about as the temperature drops. I figured this out when I moved back east from California, where I had moved with brandish delight that I would no longer have to bear the bone-chilling-freeze-your-butt-off cold Canadian winters that I grew up with. So now, when I think of snow storms and cold weather, it conjures up images of hot tea, fireplaces, and generally cozy feelings; but I think hurricanes are romantic too. See the good in everything. 

When I spoke with sister #3 yesterday, she asked me if I was going to write about the snow storm expected to hit the eastern seaboard this weekend. Although I have these warm fuzzy feelings about blizzards, the media and most people have a different view. Schools and businesses shut down, people rush to stock up on supplies in case they’re snowed in, and there’s a sense of urgency and fear in the air.

Nonetheless, we discussed how snow was a positive topic. She noticed that people are more friendly, neighbors are more willing to help each other shovel their driveways, and in some places, spontaneous block parties emerge to help out people who may not have enough supplies to weather the storm. She suggested that extreme bad weather actually creates an atmosphere of coming together. That makes sense. Definitely seeing the positive.

I was already half way through my post for the day, but the thought stuck in the back of my mind. Today, I’m being bombarded with reports about the weather. News and social media outlets are buzzing with talk of the brewing storm. So, now I’m inspired to write about it.

The major news outlets are broadcasting the expected prepare-for-the-worst-life-or-death warnings, Washington D.C. and surrounding areas are shut down in anticipation of the storm, many areas have lost power, and the roads conditions are not great. Even New York City and Long Island are preparing for a storm with the same magnitude as Hurricane Sandy.

Even though the news is foreboding, with social media hashtags ranging from straightforward ‘blizzard2016’ to ominous ‘snowmaggedon2016’, and people are heeding the warnings and staying in, or rushing to stock up for a snow in, something very interesting is happening. The news that’s showing up in my feeds is positive. I’m attracting cute pictures of kids and dogs playing in the snow, there’s excitement in the air about staying in and catching up on a good book, making a big pot of soup or some hot chocolate. Warm fuzzy stuff. I literally had to search for the negative news.

Before I sat down to write today’s post, I did a search for ‘winter wonderland’ to find a feature image to go with it. I found some really nice images, and even pinned some to my now active Kurilane pinterest account, but nothing really stood out. Then I remembered seeing the most amazing happy winter scene on a friend’s Facebook page. I usually don’t remember cover photos from FB, but this one was so striking that I wanted to enter the scene. It was simply unforgettable.

There are no accidents, everything you experience, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is necessary to create your unique perception of the world.

I reached out to my friend Julie Pandeya to ask her where she got the image and if it would be ok if I used it for today’s post. To my amazement, she told me she painted it. Whoa! Absolutely incredible! I didn’t even know she was an artist. Of course, that is today’s feature image. Julie doesn’t have a forum to display her wonders, but I am sure going to try to showcase them in a chai chat at KL Guests.

Not only did I find the perfect image, but I discovered Julie’s talent. For the last few days I’ve been thinking about hiring an artist to do my logo and header, in fact, I was just discussing it this morning. There is no doubt that my thoughts are attracting my experience, almost instantaneously.

Now, I am thinking that this storm will pass quickly and everyone affected by the weather is safe, warm, and happy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Embrace your journey into self discovery.

Get inspired to create a life you love.

Awaken to the truth of your Divine Magnificence.

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