Ask & You Shall Receive

Day 5: Minute Manifestation I am witnessing the manifestation of my positive thoughts all the time. Here’s one of today’s minute miracles: I have been getting an error with my mail for the last few hours and nothing seems to be fixing it. It just says there’s an error and we can’t connect. So, I decided toContinue reading “Ask & You Shall Receive”

I Am Rich That I Am

Day 5 Should I keep the silent ‘H’? I shared the blog to-date with one of my many sisters this morning. Let’s just give ’em numbers so you can keep track. This is #3, the one who offered me her home in the interim. She was very enthusiastic. I regaled the happenings of the last few daysContinue reading “I Am Rich That I Am”

Lunch Date

Day 4: Insight Eureka! Did I just say that? Who talks like that? Do people actually say eureka? This is a first for me. But it feels like a eureka moment. Ok, hold on Millennials, you’re gonna want to read this post too. I really have stumbled on the missing ingredient to manifesting! I’ve been in suchContinue reading “Lunch Date”

Catch More Flies

Day 4: Lesson I fully expected to get the refunds today, even though there was no real reason the vendors had to give me a refund, except that I asked, and I already knew I had received. After I spoke to all 3 vendors I needed refunds from, I reflected on how easy it hadContinue reading “Catch More Flies”


Day 4 I don’t even know if I slept last night. Kuri Lane ran through my head all night. I woke up thinking about getting a header image, and thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could find a good picture of Kurichhan di Gullie? Maybe I’ll ask around. One of my cousins might have something. IContinue reading “Synchronicity”

A Little Street in Amritsar

Day 3 I woke up way too early this Sunday morning, still bursting with excitement and ideas. Still sort of dazed, half awake, it comes to me. Not Kuri Post, I don’t want to copy Huff, plus my site isn’t a news site. My mind (not so) randomly goes to Kurichhan di Gullie – a little street in Amritsar,Continue reading “A Little Street in Amritsar”