2016 Super Bowl 50

Day 35

“The truth is the Super Bowl long ago became more than just a football game. It’s part of our culture like turkey at Thanksgiving and lights at Christmas, and like those holidays beyond their meaning, a factor in our economy.”

– Bob Schieffer

With Super Bowl Sunday around the corner, I thought I’d put together a bunch of vegan appetizers to share with you, but with so little time to put my recipes together, I decided to share some good recipes that are already out there, check out these tasty looking treats.

The Super Bowl has become a part of North American culture. Last year, it became the most watched American television program in history, and it’s the second most watched annual sporting event worldwide. There’s Super Bowl paraphernalia everywhere you look, ranging from food to decor and entertainment ideas, to clothing, and all kinds of trinkets and memorabilia. Almost every talk show and food show has had a segment featuring game day advice, recipes or party tips in the last couple of weeks, and it’s trending all over social media. Of course, that doesn’t even include the two big game day events besides the actual football game; the halftime show and the commercials, which are usually pretty amazing displays of talent and advertising genius.

So why is this game such a big deal? It appeals to so many people for all the different reasons that they participate in the event. Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message”, and when it comes to the Super Bowl, the message is food, parties, music, dance, live performance, advertising, entertainment, Hollywood, celebration, community, people coming together, and the feeling of belonging. And when we feel like we belong, we feel happy, and then we attract more reasons to be happy. So all this focus on the Super Bowl makes people feel really good!

When there is mass concentration and focus on a single event, the energetic vibration of the event is elevated, which in turn, elevates your energy, and lends power to your intention.

So, if you’re excited about the game, or the party you’re attending, or whatever your focus is, the universe sends you more of the same feel good vibes. For me, it’s the half time show. I’m excited that Bruno Mars will be performing again this year, along with Coldplay and Beyoncé. That makes me very happy, I can still remember Bruno’s halftime show from 2014, it was such an amazing performance, I still get goose bumps every time I watch it.

Not only does do you see evidence of the law of attraction in action with the spectators, but it plays a huge role for many who have skin in the game, literally, with the players. Many athletes use visualization techniques to help them train. In 2011, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy went one step further; he had his team fitted for Super Bowl rings the night before the game. The Packers went on to beat the Steelers 31 – 25 that Sunday. How’s that for manifesting your desires!

Take advantage of the extra positive energy in the air right now, and use it to help keep your feelings soaring with joy and celebration. When you feel good, the universe responds, fast.

Enjoy your game day festivities, and tonight before you go to sleep, do your own ‘ring fitting’, it might be just the thing to bring you to victory!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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