The Apple Has Fallen

Day 87

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”

– Mary Engelbreit

You may have noticed that I’ve been off my daily posting schedule for the last few days. I’ve been bombarded with computer issues one after another, and have spent more time working with Apple Support to try to get my devices working, my data restored, and my computer to respond, than I have on anything else, so I haven’t had the time, or access to my computer to write on schedule.

If you were to ask me what my most prized possessions are, I would definitely tell you that my book collection is one of them. Reading is one of the things that inspired me to pursue my passion for writing – I’ve been an avid reader since I was a kid, and my books are an integral part of my daily learning and writing process.

I have a large collection of books that I will not part with, and for the last 5 years since I’ve owned an iPad, I’ve built a digital book collection. Last summer, I decided to put all my digital books in one place, so I imported my almost 1000 book collection into iBooks. I spent several months sorting, cleaning and organizing the data tags associated with each book. I created customized categories and collections so I would be able to work with them easily. After four months of tedious work to complete this task, I was very pleased with the result, it was like looking at a piece of art.

Of course, as we know, when you focus on something with intensity, you vibrate that energy and receive more of the same. I must be vibrating computer issues out the yin yang because today, a message from Apple popped up asking me to store my iBooks library in iCloud, and I said yes. That led to my entire iBooks collection of almost 1000 books being deleted!

I didn’t panic because I knew I had a backup. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so easy to restore my backed up files. I was able to get the books back, but all my months of work organizing, sorting and cleaning the data was gone. I ended up calling Apple support and had an awful experience with a senior technical advisor, who after over an hour of discussion, told me that Apple does not store the data tags associated with the books in the backup files. It was gone. All my work, gone.

OMG. Needless to say, losing all the data tags was very devastating to me, not only did I lose 4 months of work, but I don’t even know where to begin to recreate it. Positive thoughts Rajni.

I have to wonder what subconscious thoughts or beliefs I have to cause this continual avalanche of poop from the Universe. If you know me, or if you’ve read along from the beginning, you know that I’m an “Appler”, and a big fan of Steve Jobs. I believe in this company, I believe in this vision:

Our DNA is as a consumer company – for that individual customer who’s voting thumbs up or thumbs down. That’s who we think about. And we think that our job is to take responsibility for the complete user experience. And if it’s not up to par, it’s our fault, plain and simple.

– Steve Jobs

So something must be going on beneath the surface to create my experience. First, my iPad wouldn’t activate after an update from Apple, then after two days of waiting, and a couple of hours at the Apple store to fix it, it’s still not fully functional, and now this. Am I holding a belief that’s attracting this storm?

As I think about it, I realize that I’ve attracted these negative experiences because I’ve had issues with my iDevices for a while now, and I have developed a belief that Apple isn’t operating at the same standard as it did when Steve Jobs was alive. I need to change this belief.

Focus on the positive – at least I didn’t lose any other data; I still have the books sans data tags; and some of the data tags are showing, so that gives me hope that the data is there, somewhere. I know that this experience will bring some good from the Universe if I just allow the experience to run its course.

Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.

– Steve Jobs

I have faith that my data is there, somewhere. As I fall asleep, I communicate this message to my subconscious, and allow it to replace the limiting belief that is not serving me at all. I have faith that this situation will turn around tomorrow.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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