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Day 88

RULE #94


“I believe when you meet the right person it clicks, and you both know and you start making it work, you know?”

– Hunter Hayes

After over an hour on the phone with Apple Support last night, we made no progress in restoring my data, so the senior advisor I was speaking with told me “we didn’t click“, and said that he would put me back into the queue to speak to another advisor. WTF? What’s “clicking” got to do with solving my issue? I didn’t call Apple Support looking for a boyfriend. It’s been a long evening, time to call it a night.

I woke up this morning feeling good about my chances of recovering my lost data. I’ll call Apple Support again, and this time I’ll get someone who I click with. Ok, that’s not really what I was thinking, but it made me laugh. Really, this time, I’ll get someone who can help me recover my data.

When you are faced with a negative experience, and you’re feeling stressed out, find the humor in the situation. Laughter attracts joy and peace.

Thinking about clicking with someone reminds me of one potential marriage candidate I met many years ago. He was a nice guy, we got along and had things in common to talk about, he was attractive, and generally, he was a really good catch, he even met most of the criteria on my list. So, we dated for a while, but something was missing for me, something didn’t click, so I decided to continue on my quest for Mr. Right.

And now I’m on my quest for the right data. My positivity did pay off. I was fortunate enough to speak with an amazing woman, who listened intently to my issue, understood the problem, and did everything in her power to help. She was not able to solve the issue, but assured me that she would escalate it, and we clicked. Bonus!

Not even 15 minutes after we hung up, I got a call from Tim Cook’s executive customer relations office, and spoke with an executive who assured me that my issue would be looked at by the engineering team. I got a call from an IOS specialist, who, although wasn’t an expert in the area that I was experiencing data issues, gave it the old college try. Another two hours of troubleshooting later, and I’m no further than last night. I’m beginning to lose hope. At least I clicked with this expert too. Again, she said she’d escalate to the team who specializes in the specific area that I am experiencing issues in, tomorrow.

It’s the end of the day and I have to wait for another day to get this resolved. Meanwhile, I’m so far backed up on my writing schedule that I’m losing some of my audience. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day. I need to keep positive. I am grateful that the two woman I worked with today to help resolve my issues were courteous, professional, and willing to try to the best of their ability. That’s an improvement from last night, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Have faith. Keep laughing.

Learning to laugh when things go wrong, whether it’s a loss of data or not finding your perfect mate, is a great way to realign your energetic vibration and let the Universe know that you are ready to accept joy instead of what you are experiencing.

Maybe I’ll get the “right” Apple Support person tomorrow, and we’ll make my data work, or maybe I’ll meet Mr. Right and we’ll just click. Either way, it’s a win! 😉

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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