Make Room For Crazy

Day 296 

“Am I crazy?” she asked. “I feel like I am sometimes.”
“Maybe,” he said, rubbing her forehead. “But don’t worry about it. You need to be a little bit crazy. Crazy is the price you pay for having an imagination. It’s your superpower. Tapping into the dream. It’s a good thing not a bad thing.”

– Ruth Ozeki

Some people name their vehicles, I name my electronic devices.

Whenever I get a new computer, mobile phone or iPad, I name it. I don’t just pick an arbitrary name though – I believe that each device is meant to have a specific name, and it’s intended identifier comes to me once I’ve got it in my hands. Crazy is my superpower.

I’ve never named a device before I actually had it. I have also never pre-ordered a device. I don’t get caught up in the hype of the latest gadget, and I certainly don’t upgrade every time a newer version comes out. As you may remember, I did manifest a new computer and iPad in the last couple of months, and they were both long overdue for an upgrade.

So when I got an email from my mobile phone service provider offering me a great deal on the new iPhone at the same time as I got my new computer, I thought, why not, I’m overdue for an upgrade with my phone, let’s make it a clean sweep with all new devices. That, and the offer was too good not to. I pre-ordered my iPhone 7 in mid-September, and had an expected ship date of mid-to-late November.

A friend had also pre-ordered the iPhone 7 Plus, but she received hers at the end of September. We both got the new jet black, and wanted clear cases to show off the shiny finish. I found some cases that looked great and ordered one for each of us. Unfortunately, her case didn’t fit properly. After looking around, she found the same issue with most of the cases out there, and settled for a not-so-clear case.

I still had my case, and my phone wasn’t expected for a couple of months, but I held the belief that my case would fit despite the issues she had with hers fitting. After all, I had a different-sized phone, so I had no hesitation believing mine would fit just fine.

I started the third of Pam Grout’s energy experiments that I’ve volunteered myself to be a guinea pig for on Wednesday at 1pm. This one was to prove that whatever you focus on expands. At the end of the allotted 48 hour period, I would find out if I could pull things out of thin air simply by thinking about them.

All I did was make an intention to draw something that I believed was plausible into my life. I was supposed to focus on it in order for it to work. I made an intention to manifest five books on my wish list that I haven’t purchased yet. It was definitely something I believed could happen.

That evening, the name of my yet-to-be-shipped new iPhone came to me out-of-the-blue,  and I proclaimed that her name was Miss Peyton Patty out loud. Crazy is my superpower.

A couple of hours later, I got an email from my mobile service provider saying that my order was being processed. I didn’t think much of it – I assumed it was an error or just an update, because it was still a month before from my expected ship date. The next afternoon, I got a text message confirming that my phone had been shipped.

The books didn’t show up but Miss Peyton Patty did. Yesterday. About an hour after the 48 hour period of the experiment ended.

I didn’t really focus on the books at all, so I’m not surprised they didn’t manifest. I do believe that by simply giving Miss Peyton Patty her name, I gave this manifestation all the focus I needed to, to pull her out of thin air. Naming her made room for her, so she appeared. Crazy is my superpower. 

synchronicity-icon Synchronicity Snippet: While writing this, I stumbled upon the feature image; a Buddha silhouette-shaped opening into paradise – the master of mindfulness. This post is about clearing space.

What is the take-away from this experiment?

When you make space in your mind for the things you want to bring into your life, they will show up. Think about it. Is there something or someone occupying mental real estate that may be blocking the seemingly crazy things you want from coming into your life?

Embrace Your Crazy.

If you make room for crazy; those crazy things will show up. It’s a good thing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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