Shark Talk

Day 12

The jackpot is now worth $1.5 Billion. I’ve learned that after taxes it will only be $651M. It’s still more than my magic number, so I’m still good. The universe always delivers more than you can even imagine.

As Wednesday gets closer, the buzz about the lottery is growing both online and off, and many people are offering me advice on what to do with my winnings. As you know, I’ve been expecting to win for a couple of years now – I always knew it was just a matter of time until I manifested it, and I wanted to be prepared, so I’ve done some research, and know how I will approach my new wealth. But, billionaire Mark Cuban had some advice to offer me today. I figured since he took the time to give me some tips, I would see what he had to say. After all, he knows what he’s talking about – he too is a member of the minute millionaire club. Thanks for the advice Mark. I appreciate you taking to time to offer me some pointers. I’ve got it covered, the universe is guiding me every step of the way. And the signs keep coming.

I went to the store today to get my ticket. When I gave my chit to the clerk and asked for a quick pick as well, he asked if I wanted the quick pick for the same lottery. I responded with “is anyone buying any other tickets these days?” The woman standing next to me at the counter filling out her chit piped up with laughter “my husband says I’m just throwing money away”. And we shared some friendly banter about the lottery. I told her I was going to win, and the clerk chimed in with “good, if you think it, you can win.” The lady was somewhat skeptical of the idea of my thinking my way into winning. I hadn’t shared any more details about my beliefs on winning the lottery with either of them, so for the clerk to make that comment simply based on what I said was clearly another sign from the universe.

As I’m writing this post, I think of using the expression “piped in”,  but it doesn’t sound right, so I look it up, and I kid you not, this is what I found on the first click:

pipe up

Really? “I think I’ve got the winning lottery ticket” Really????!!!!!!

Universe, I got the message 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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