Mix Lettuce & Kale

Day 18

When I came up with Kurilane on Day 3 of this journey, one of the first ideas that came to my mind was a road motif. I thought of making the menu items a play on road themes – my food posts would be “feed street”.

On Saturday, I thought it would be fitting to title today’s post MLK in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day. It’s an added bonus that those are also my dad’s initials. I didn’t dwell on the idea, I just decided on the title, and didn’t give any thought to what I would actually write about. And then I forgot about it. 

For the last few days I have also been thinking, mentally planning to start writing about my food. Again, I didn’t give much thought to the content, just that I wanted to start incorporating some food blogging. And then I forgot about it. 

This morning, when I opened the fridge, I saw a bunch of kale that needed to be used, some unused spinach left from a vegetarian bean chili recipe, and a package of spring mix lettuce that was close to the expiration date. I decided to use up all these greens in a saag. As I was preparing the dish, I thought, isn’t this interesting – I’m taking what could become “negative”, and making it “positive”.  Hmm, I should write a post about turning a bad situation into something delicious, and call it “Make Saag”.

In a perfect twist of fate, I couldn’t write the post I had intended for today because I was waiting for some images from a friend, so I had to change gears. Then I spoke with my BFF, and was reminded that today is Martin Luther King Jr. day and that I wanted to title today’s post MLK.

What the heck will I write about? And what does the MLK title have to do with conscious creation? I tried to think about how to incorporate the “Make Saag” title, but there’s no MLK in Make Saag. Then I became conscious of what I made my saag with – spinach, lettuce and kale. Mix Lettuce & Kale. MLK. Make Saag.

They say that once you state an intention, you need to “let go and let God”. The idea is that you receive exactly what you are feeling. And if you are holding on to a desire, needing it to manifest, then you are coming from a state of lack. When you feel like you have already received something, you don’t keep thinking about it because you have it. So when you are trying to manifest, you must feel you have your desire, and then let go of the thought so that the universe can send your desire back to you, and not your desire for your desire.

Today’s whole experience is an example of how the universe responds to our thoughts and grants our desires in ways that are beyond our knowing.

Your imagination will use whatever natural means are necessary to bring [your desire] about. “My ways are past finding out.” “My ways are higher than your ways.”

– Neville Goddard

I know, you’re thinking, you made dinner, that’s not manifestation lady. It’s not about the food, it’s about how thoughts create things, it’s about setting your intentions, and then recognizing when they show up in your life. It’s about being mindful of what goes on in your head because your thoughts will come back to you exactly how you send them out.

So, go forth and put your intentions out there. And when life gives you lettuce and kale, make saag!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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