Breaking Bad

Day 52

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”

– Thucydides, Ancient Greek Historian

It’s no coincidence that I found this quote today. It’s a sign that I’m on the right path to tuning into abundant joy; which is exactly what I asked the Universe for just 2 days ago.

I’ve been striving to find the perfect tone to express my voice since I started blogging. If you’ve followed along since the beginning, then you’ve read the posts where I’ve talked about how being positive doesn’t mean shoving the “negative” under the rug, but finding something good in it; how all of my experiences have led up to who and where I am today; and how I don’t want to make teaching the law of attraction my focus, I want to experience the fruits of my conscious creation.

I’m trying to find clarity in my expression. Is my message to inspire you to embrace your journey to become the best version of you; is it to show you my journey to becoming the best version of me; or is it to show you how to embrace your journey to become the best version of you by showing you how I’m embracing my journey to becoming the best version of me? I think it’s the last one, and being the best me is the real me.

So, I want me to be the best me, and you to be the best you.

To that end, I feel like I’ve boxed myself into a corner to write about being positive, and although I have blogged about what being positive really means, I seem to be stuck on writing about being positive rather than just being positive and writing about the positive in whatever I want to say. I also feel confined to write about how the law attraction creates reality. Again, I seem to be stuck on writing about how to manifest desires rather than manifesting my desires and writing about whatever I desire to say. For example, today a friend told me that he dreamt the opposite of something that he wants to happen, and my reflex response was to tell him not to put his dream out into the universe. His reply mirrored my own thoughts: “if your law of attraction philosophy means you can’t talk about anything, then it’s not real, it’s a prison.” Interestingly, that’s exactly what I was thinking last night, that I’m limiting myself with thoughts of what I should write about, and the whole point of being yourself is to be free.

I’ve also consciously kept a family-friendly tone, but sometimes profanity is just the emphasis needed to express a feeling, even when it’s positive especially when it’s positive, as in “that’s fucking brilliant!” There’s not too many adjectives that can emote quite like that. I don’t drop the f-bomb all the time, but sometimes it’s necessary. I’ve held back because I didn’t think I should, yet, I don’t believe in ‘shoulds‘.

I need to change my thoughts.

I am happy with what I’ve done so far. I’m evolving and finding my best tone and voice, my best expression of me. It’s a journey, a journey into self-discovery. In the process, I’ve inspired others to find their voice, and express their truth. And that’s fucking brilliant! 🙂

So, I’m breaking bad. I’m probably not going to start cooking meth or anything, but I’m not going to box myself into a corner with what I say or how I say it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Embrace your journey into self discovery.

Get inspired to create a life you love.

Awaken to the truth of your Divine Magnificence.

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