Body-Mind-Soul Connection

Day 99

“Exercise Your Soul: Fuel Your Positivity;
Love Your Body: See Your Beauty;
Free Your Mind: Know Your Power.”

– Rajni Kurichh

I started out writing a post about my shitty week a few days ago, and it turned into an inspiring trilogy about body, mind and soulIt’s truly amazing what a bit of positive thinking can do – I completely turned my own mood around through my writing.

That got me thinking about positivity and the body-mind-soul connection, and what others had to say about it. Most of the sites I found offered advice on how to balance each of these three aspects separately. They talked about food and exercise to nurture the body; meditation, yoga and positive thinking to nurture the mind; and forgiveness, community service and love to nurture the soul.

The first article talked about nurturing the body by eating live, raw fruits and vegetables, and avoiding meat. That positive thinking is the way to nurture the mind, and seeking out beauty in all things will feed the soul. The second article offered tips including exercise, eating well, positive thinking, gratitude, living passionately, and the like.

Good Advice. I agree with what they had to say, but it struck me that most of the sites I found talked about how to balance each component separately. It makes sense to treat each aspect of being separately, but there must be something that will nurture all aspects of being at once.

I went back and re-read each of my posts since I wrote about how to nurture each aspect of being separately too. I found that although I talked about a specific way to bring out the best in each component, summarized in the quote above, there is a common underlying theme:

The best way to balance and heal the body-mind-soul connection is to see the best in everything, in other words, focus on the positive.

Then I came across another article that laid it out in a more scientific way, outlining how our thoughts affect our body and the biochemistry behind it. Ultimately, the author showed the inter-connectivity between body-mind-soul and concluded with her “favorite, cheap, calorie-free technique for boosting the mind-body-soul connection is to complain less.

There’s a whole lot of advice out there on how to balance your total being, and it’s all great advice. At the heart of it, there is an element that is the key: Positivity. It nurtures the whole being, and if you can just focus on this one aspect in everything you do, the rest will fall into place all on it’s own.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Embrace your journey into self discovery.

Get inspired to create a life you love.

Awaken to the truth of your Divine Magnificence.

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