Eye On The Prize

Day 259

“Your goals are closer than you think, stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize and follow your heart.”

– Ricardo Housham

I’ve said this many times, in many ways – believe in your vision, no matter what “reality” looks like, and if you keep the faith, it will manifest.

I’ve been keeping a particular objective in my mind this week despite what reality looked like, and it manifested just as I imagined today. Then, I came across this quote with the same message, which tells me that you may need the reminder, so I’m sharing it with you. #synchronicity

“Resolve to remain as strong, as determined,
and as highly enthused during
the darkest night of adversity
as you are during the sunniest day of prosperity.

Do not feel disappointed when things
seem disappointing. Keep the eye single
upon the same brilliant future
regardless of circumstances, conditions, or events.

Do not lose heart when things go wrong.

Continue undisturbed in your
original resolve to make all things go right.

The man who never weakens
when things are against him
will grow stronger and stronger
until all things will delight to be for him.

He will finally have all the strength
he may desire or need. Be always strong
and you will always be stronger.”

– Christian D. Larson

No matter what, don’t let go of your desires. Keep believing, and they will manifest!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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