Day 127

RULE #26


“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do. And that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.”

– Dr. Seuss

Have you ever seen the look in a child’s eyes when you break out the glitter? They get very excited and their eyes almost dance with joy. It’s such a simple thing, and it has such a huge impact. It’s like the glitter expands their minds to see endless possibilities, and opens up a whole world of fantasy. Sometimes, it’s those simple things that have the biggest “wow” factor.

I’m a PJs girl. Now they’re called “loungewear“, but really, that’s just a fancy name for casual daytime wearable pajamas. Since I was a kid, I’ve had the habit of changing into one of my many, many pairs of PJs as soon as I get home, only when I was a kid, I’d change into shorts, even if it was -40°C outside, and then sit on a heating vent to stay warm. I share this piece of information with you so you know that glitter is not an everyday occurrence for me, even though it is a Diamond Girl Rule.

When I heard Raymond Reddington say “never underestimate the power of glitter” on The Blacklist today, it reminded me of one Saturday night many years ago when my plans for the evening fell through and nobody else was around or available to go out. It was during that 20-something-can’t-stay-home-on-Saturday-night-or-people-will-think-I’m-a-loser stage. Thank goodness, I’m over that stage – I’m comfortable with my own company and staying home on Saturday night is just fine with me. But I digress.

I grew up in a house with 5 girls, and I was always the last to start getting ready, and the first to be done. I’ve never been one to fuss too much with hair or make-up. This particular night, I was disappointed that my plans had fallen through, I had nothing else to do and I was super bored. I decided to get all decked out just for fun. I spent a long time doing my make-up to look just like the models in the magazines. I even blow dried my hair, which I never do – it’s too much effort, and I can’t be bothered.

Once I was all dolled-up, I tried on a bunch of different outfits, and did a little fashion show for myself, walking down an imaginary runway. Before I knew it, I was dancing around to music and having a great time. I’d forgotten about feeling bad and the evening turned out to be pretty great. It was such a non-event, but it has stayed with me all these years.

music noteBlog Beats: Dress You Up by Madonna

I’m sharing it with you today to let you know that whether you’re a child, a young adult, in your golden years, male, female or anything in between, it’s always a good time to dress yourself up in a little glitter. It’s an easy and effective way to show yourself some love and kindness.

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. A little glitter can raise your energetic vibration and transport you to a world of frolic and fantasy, and sometimes that’s just the thing you need to make you laugh at the hard stuff.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Embrace your journey into self discovery.

Get inspired to create a life you love.

Awaken to the truth of your Divine Magnificence.

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  2. I’m sure glitter has magical properties. Ever used glitter in craft or even been in the same room as someone using glitter? It stays around, you find it stuck to skin, in hair and still on the table and chairs after cleaning. You can try vacuuming glitter and after putting the vacuum away, there are still glittering spots catching the light. ❇

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