Flex With Faith

Day 300

“You are heir to a heavenly fortune, the sole beneficiary of an infinite spiritual trust fund, a proverbial goldmine of sacred abundance beyond all common measure or human comprehension. But until you assert your rightful inheritance of this blessed gift, it will remain unclaimed and forever beyond your reach.”

– Anthon St. Maarten

They say that muscles get stronger the more you use them.

I’ve been writing everyday for 300 days now, and I’m beginning to see the results of my “daily workout.”


I woke up at 5am this morning, well rested and ready to get the day going. It was a bit too early to get out of bed, so I decided to start writing today’s post. I wrote a few pretty good paragraphs without much effort; the words just seemed to flow off the tips of my fingers onto the keyboard – a great feeling for a writer.

I ended up deleting those paragraphs because they sounded like I had finished this year-long exercise in positivity – I had summarized some of the trials and tribulations of this project from beginning to end – things I want to share on Day 365, not Day 300.

I realized that I was writing as if I was done because I feel like I’m done.

I’ve been working out my deliberate creation muscle a lot this month, and I’m starting to feel like I’m done manifesting all the things I set out to create in my life this year.

I’m becoming much more in tune with my higher self, and comfortable with my divine power. I have a sense of confidence that my wish truly is my command. I know that I am steering this ship, that the intentions I set go ahead of me and create every moment of my future, and I’m witnessing it almost daily now.

In fact, that’s why I was up so early. My cat, Ippa has returned to her old ways of snuggling up with me through the night rather than sleeping at the foot of the bed, and coming to cuddle with me in the morning – I guess it’s a warmth thing.

For the last few weeks, she’s been coming over to me at around 2am every night for the long haul, and I’ve been unable to fall back asleep for the rest of the night. Last night, I decided I’d had enough, and before bed I told her that she was going sleep in her spot at the foot of the bed and only come for cuddles for a few minutes in the morning no earlier than 7am, and then she was going to let me sleep, and go about her morning activities of playing and looking out the window on her own, until I woke up – I basically banned her from interrupting my sleep.

Cats aren’t very good at taking orders.

I know that all too well.

I was really setting my intention, with full faith that my words would go forward and create my reality, and they did.

Ippa slept in her spot all night. She came to cuddle at 5am, and only stayed with me for a short time, then played on her own, and finally, she sat quietly on her window perch until I got up. Big grin. Ok, so I need to work on the timing a bit, but it played out exactly how I intended.

If your desires haven’t manifest in physical form yet, don’t give up. Know that you are heir to this goldmine of sacred abundance beyond all common measureyou just need to assert your rightful inheritance of this blessed gift by continuing to flex that manifestation muscle, with total faith.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Embrace your journey into self discovery.

Get inspired to create a life you love.

Awaken to the truth of your Divine Magnificence.

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