French Hens & Turtle Doves

Hello Fellow Travelers!

Welcome to my Thirty-One Days Of December ‘French Hens & Turtle Doves’ positivity song. As I reflect on my year of Positivity 365, I’m putting the Principles of Positivity I’ve written about all year into practice for The Thirty-One Days Of December as a refresher, or crash course for you.

I invite you to do each exercise from the corresponding day’s post, and keep a list of your daily practice. Fellow bloggers, I encourage you to create your own French Hens & Turtle Doves post, and link to this page so we can echo each other’s ‘December Song Of Positivity’ and create a wonderful chorus of holiday magic! Download my feature image here and make it yours as well!

You can also download the feature image of any of my December posts at the end of the specific post for your own French Hens & Turtle Doves Daily Positivity Practice posts. Also, please feel free to download and share any of my affirmation cards – you can find the whole collection in submenus under the Ask Rajni menu, or for the December posts, just right-click on the ones you want in the specific post, or on this page, and select download.

Rajni’s 31 Principles Of Positivity Daily Practice:

Dec 1: Gratitude

What am I grateful for today? I’m grateful for all of the amazing people I’ve had the good fortune to meet as a result of writing this blog, albeit online in most cases. You have made this year such a joy, and in the process of attempting to inspire you, YOU have inspired me! 😅


Dec 2: Kindness

What act of kindness did I perform today? I went on a “scavenger hunt” to find a very specific trinket of a local sports team for a friend who lives in another country. She “coincidentally” texted me this morning to ask if I could help her out – she wanted to give this specific item to her beau for Christmas because he’s a big fan of the team, and of course, there was nothing available locally that she could get. I won’t say too much about it because I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but after spending much of my afternoon looking for it, I did get it.

Today, I’m grateful for Neal’s kindness to me, for comments from so many of you that make me feel like I’m really making a difference. I’m thankful that Gbolabo found my blog so I could find his, and to Nessa for being the first to participate in this positivity song! There are so many more of you out there that I want to thank – I’ve still got 29 days! Just know your participation in my journey means the world to me! ❤️

Download the Kindness Gift Certificate here, and spread the love!


Dec 3: Believe

What did the magic of believing manifest today? After re-thinking the original act of kindness I had planned, I wasn’t sure what to do, but I believed it would work out, I believed that something would present itself. Not only did a request that would allow me to make someone’s life a bit easier literally show up at my doorstep, but my belief also attracted more things working out. My act of kindness took me to many stores that I otherwise wouldn’t have gone to, and everywhere I went, there was so much joy and magic in the air that my little scavenger hunt added so much more joy to my day. As if that wasn’t enough, I found a soup that I love that I haven’t been able to find anywhere, and there it was! Guess what’s for dinner tonight?

Today, I’m grateful for the little things that make a big difference – good music, the smile of a passer-by, the love of a pet, the joy of a good meal. 🍜


Dec 4: Love Yourself

How did I find beauty in a perceived flaw today? I came across the cutest holiday PJ bottoms, you know the soft cozy ones with the cute holiday patterns? Well, I’m a sucker for them, but they didn’t have my size, so I decided to try the next size down. They fit, but were too snug to purchase. In the past, when something like that happened, I would’ve berated myself, felt fat and ashamed, and let it ruin my day. This time, I looked in the mirror and I thought, “yeah, they’re a bit tight, but your butt looks good Rajni!” And I really believed it. 🔥

Today, I’m grateful for wonderful friends who support my journey, and for my cat Ippa, who seems to understand that “mommy is doing something really important with that thing she has on her lap, so I’ll play on my own.”


Dec 5: Laughter & Fun

How did I bring fun and laughter into my day today? Today’s exercise turned out to be a bit challenging, because you can’t plan laughter – as the saying goes “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.”

I had planned to go visit Santa with a friend, get pictures of us sitting on his lap, and have a good ‘ol laugh about the whole thing. My friend got held up at work and then it was too late. In our attempt to think of something else to do, we ended up making up stories about what I could say I did. We thought of whole elaborate scenarios, but of course, I promised you from Day 1 that I wouldn’t make shit up, and I’m not about to start now.

What actually happened was that we ended up having fun and laughing our butts off at the stories we made up. It just goes to show that maybe you can’t plan laughter, but no matter what you’re doing, there’s always an opportunity to laugh and have a fun time!

Today, I’m grateful for the beautiful blue lights we strung outside my living room window. I see them as I write, and they make me very happy! I’m also grateful for the delicious vegan cheese I discovered at the grocery store the other day. It has given me back my beloved ooey gooey cheese melts! Joy, joy, joy!! 💃🏼


Dec 6: Little Things

What was the little thing that put a smile on my face today? I found these amazing mugs after the holiday season last year, so I didn’t get to fully enjoy them before I put them away. I took them out on December 1st. They put a smile on my face with my morning cuppa every day, but today was even better because I had an afternoon treat of hot tea and pakoras. Little things indeed! 😋

Today, I’m grateful for my health. It’s one of those things we usually don’t pay attention to until there’s s concern. I’m grateful to be in good health.


Dec 7: Forgiveness

What did I forgive today? I find myself in an interesting position. I’ve been trying to think of what past hurt I can forgive and let go of, and I have not been able to think of anything. It’s not because I’ve never held on to a hurt, trust me, I have. However, in the last few years since I’ve become aware that it is really our thoughts that create our reality, I try not to “blame” anyone for my experiences, and of course, I still get upset when things happen “to me,” but I let them go quickly. I have also done a lot of EFT tapping on past hurts in the last couple of years, and more this year, so apparently I’m not holding on to anything, at least that I’m aware of at the moment – and that’s something I am beyond grateful for! 🙏🏽

Today, I’m grateful for reaching a milestone of 1,000 likes today.


Dec 8: Mirror Reflection

What belief am I holding that my family members are reflecting back to me through my interactions with them? I believe that being home for the holidays is stressful and inevitably there will be tension. This is a belief that I’m pretty sure most of my family members also hold, and hopefully with this awareness, we can clear this belief together!✌🏽

Today, I’m grateful that this post is done, it was a hard one to write!


Dec 9: Go With The Flow

What happened when I let go, and let it flow today? Eyebrow threading is an Indian method of hair removal that simply uses a piece of thread, and about 15 minutes maximum to do. For the last six months, I haven’t been able to find a regular place to get them done. Today, I went to a salon where the lady was new to threading. I was skeptical, but I took a chance. An hour in, my brows looked no different. Instead of losing my patience, at her suggestion, I let her color my brows, which ended up making me look like Eugine Levy. After another half hour, there was no change, and I finally decided to go somewhere else get them fixed. I found a salon nearby, and the lady did an amazing job! Five minutes later, my eyebrows looked perfect. Ninety minutes to thread eyebrows is unheard of, but I let it flow and I ended up finding a threading lady that does a great job, in a salon that isn’t going out of business any time soon! 🙌🏼

Today, I’m grateful that my brows don’t look like Eugine Levy, and for central heat – baby, it’s cold outside!


Dec 10: Beauty

What did I find beauty in today? I realize it’s the holiday season, and there’s more beauty “on display.” It’s a great time to practice seeing the beauty in all things, so we get better at it all year ’round…I saw a pile of wreaths stacked on a wooden crate with no particular symmetry; I re-arranged them slightly to get today’s beautiful feature image. The Beauty Everywhere series affirmation cards came from a small plaque with cracked wood that I saw the beauty in. ☀️

Today, I’m grateful that 54 years ago today, my parents joined in matrimony to create my beautiful family. I’m grateful that they had 47 years of wedded bliss together, and that my father’s beauty and grace lives on in each of us.

Download the entire Beauty Everywhere series here, and spread the beauty!


Dec 11: Intuition

Where did my intuition lead me today? My pingbacks to the WordPress Daily Prompt haven’t been working for almost two months, and I was told the issue would correct itself over time. This has caused me extra work to reach a wider audience with my posts, and although it’s been frustrating, I have been patiently waiting. Out-of-the-blue, I thought of a technical question about this issue that hadn’t occurred to me before, and despite being told that there was nothing that could be done but wait, I felt compelled to reach out to support to ask the question. Again, they said there was nothing to do but wait, however, I am delighted to report that this post – the first one I’ve written since I contacted support is pinging!

Today, I’m grateful, beyond grateful that this issue has been resolved! 🎊


Dec 12: I’m Possible

What did I paint on my blank canvas of anything-is-possible today? Color. Lots of color. Brilliant shades of joy, love, adventure, success, abundance, connection, health and fulfillment. Books published. Contracts signed. Checks cashed. Cozy cuddles and fun times with friends. Laughter. Lots of laughter. Precious memories converging with future dreams to make the present wildly-unimaginably-blow-your-mind-perfect-manifestation.

Today, I’m grateful that something “impossible” a dear friend has wanted for quite some time has become a reality in the most anything-is-possible kind-of-way. Synchronicity with today’s topic! 🎆


Dec 13: See The Good

What good did I find in a “bad” situation today? I came across some information that could have been interpreted in a negative manner, but instead of thinking the worst, I took a moment to think of other possible explanations. Once I clarified it, I found out there had been an oversight, and no malicious intent. 😌

Today, I’m grateful for the lovely unexpected gift I received in the mail!


Dec 14: Follow Your Bliss

How did my passion manifest today? As I was writing today’s post about doing what you love, I received an email with a potential opportunity that I had previously set an intention for. The best part – my work on this blog attracted it! 👏🏼

Today, I’m grateful for this potential opportunity!


Dec 15: Surrender

What showed up when I said “yes” today? Like I said in today’s post, I decided to accept that the technical issue with my blog must have a purpose. As soon as I did, the right person showed up – he understood the issue, was able to instantly fix it. He also let me know what caused it and how to fix it if it should occur again. For the last couple of months until this point that I let it go, I struggled to resolve it to no avail because I was fighting it. 🏁

Today, I’m grateful that I’m in the flow of life and things are moving along with ease and grace.


Dec 16: Forever Impact

How did I raise my bar of positive impact today? I may not have made a forever impact, but definitely a positive one – I struck up a conversation with a woman sitting alone a couple of seats away from us in the theater – her friend hadn’t arrived yet. She had gotten there earlier than us and already had her meal. She ordered something “good” but told me she wished she’d gotten the loaded fries. I ordered them just so she could have some of mine, and it made her day. BTW, the movie was pretty awesome too!

Today, I’m grateful that I’m invited to a private screening of Rogue One! Yay! 🍿


Dec 17: Un-mistakable

How did a mistake help me achieve my goal today? I made a “mistake” a couple of days ago – I used the wrong image for a post; one I’d intended to use another day. When I realized it, I switched it out, but that mistake sparked a better idea, so I ended up creating something better than I expected! 🛣

Today, I’m grateful for technology – it’s gives me access to information that wasn’t available without it, and that makes the ride a bit smoother.


Dec 18: Happiness

How did I find happiness in a negative situation today? I remembered that the negative situation is temporary, and I have many blessings to be grateful for.

Today, I’m grateful that this negative experience brought the truth to the fore, and it’s actually helped me move closer to my goal, so even more reasons to be grateful! 🎶

Download the entire Choose Happiness series here, and spread the joy!


Dec 19: Authenticity

How did I express my truth today? This one’s easy – you’re reading it.

Today, I’m grateful that I’ve been able to express my authentic voice in this forum consistently every day this year – for 354 days so far! . 🎤


Dec 20: Make A Change

What did I decide to change today? I decided. Boy did I ever! Sorry, can’t say more in this forum, but suffice it to say I made a HUGE change today.

Today, I’m grateful for the sparkling future ahead! 💍


Dec 21: Hope

What am I hopeful for today? I’m hoping for a wonderful holiday with family and friends and that you all have a peaceful, safe and joyous holiday filled with love, laughter and warmth. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Today, I’m grateful that I took some time to rest and recharge today.


Dec 22: Limitless

What limiting belief am I working on clearing today? That things move slow and you have to wait in long lines to get anything done at this time of year.

Today, I’m grateful that I got most of my pre-holiday to-do list done! ✔️


Dec 23: Pamper Yourself

How did I pamper myself today? I just bought the ingredients to make some mulled wine tonight. Time to uncork and unwind! 🍷

Today, I’m grateful to be spending the holidays with my loved ones!


Dec 24: Carpe Diem

How did I seize the moment today? I’ve spent this year focused on the positive, and I’m seizing every moment to create my dream life! 🎁

Today, I’m grateful for the bounty that I am blessed with this holiday season!


Dec 25: Unity

How did I spread love today? I would like to think that my message in today’s post of harmony and acceptance added a bit of love into the world! ☮️

Today, I’m grateful that I grew up in the ’80s; an era that produced some truly great musicians, whose music pioneered the sound that exists today; and shaped my experience.


Dec 26: Ageless

How did I rekindle a childhood passion today? I started working on a project that’s rooted in a childhood desire. It will come to fruition next year. 👨🏻‍🎤

Today, I’m grateful that I am pursuing my dreams.


Dec 27: Imagine

How did I use a memory to capture the feeling of having received a desire today? I remembered a time when a particular wish came true to my shock and amazement, simply for the believing. I captured that feeling to visualize a desire that I am focused on now, and was able to feel the excitement and amazement of that memory with my current desire.

Today, I’m grateful that I have always been blessed with the ability to help others, and the desire to do it. ☝🏽


Dec 28: Mindfulness

What is my deliberate creation story today? I’m affirming that everything comes easy to me, and 2017 is going to be even better than 2016 – and it has been a good year! 📅

Today, I’m grateful that I’ve achieved some major goals I set for this year.


Dec 29: Harmony

How did I find harmony in chaos today? I went out for dinner tonight, and the waitress forgot to order our appetizer, my drink never came, the food was not what we asked for, and I just went with it all instead of letting it bother me, so I ended up enjoying the meal.

Today, I’m grateful to have been so fortunate to have such an amazing father. 👨‍👧


Dec 30: Synchronicity

What signs did I receive from the Universe today? I received a video that is in perfectly synchronicity with tomorrow’s final post, and I’m going to share it on this page tomorrow, so you’ll have to come back to see what it is. I promise you’ll love it! 🔁

Today, I’m grateful that I continue to receive signs and experience synchronicities all the time, constantly re-affiming I’m moving towards the fulfillment of my dreams!


Dec 31: Baby Steps

Step Into Your Dream Life. Embrace Your Journey.

Today, I’m grateful that I have completed my Positivity Project!!! 💯


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Embrace your journey into self discovery.

Get inspired to create a life you love.

Awaken to the truth of your Divine Magnificence.

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  1. God Bless you Rajni . I enjoy reading your blogs .I am thankful to Kiran for telling me about your blogs .

  2. Your ‘#2 Kindness’ post brought both a smile and tear to my eye. You will be blessed Rajni, you are spreading such good vibes with your lovely posts they will boomerang and com back to you in double portions 😀 xxx

  3. Thank you Nessa. Looking forward to it! Yes, I just read a couple of your posts about getting sidetracked while studying. Good idea to come back to it later! 😉

  4. I think this is a great idea and will be joining you later. Spotted this just before going to work so, much as I want to, I best not get side tracked. See you later dear Rajni 🙂

  5. I am grateful for my family, friends and also for this blog. I am learning a lot through bloggers.

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