Someone Special

Day 339

“This is a time to give thanks, not only to others but to ourselves as well. It is easy to forget that each of us plays an important role in life, and that if even one of us was not here, the world would not be the same. ”

– Alan Finger

One of the most sacred messages that I’ve received on my own journey into self-discovery is that you must love and accept yourself in order to attract anything you desire.

I read a quote recently that went something to the effect of “there is no need to improve yourself, you are perfect just the way you are.” I didn’t quite agree with the message, not because it’s not true – you are perfect; there’s nothing “wrong” with you just the way you are, but I think we all need to “improve” our ability to see our own perfection.


We are ingrained with all kinds of limiting beliefs from a young age, and then we get mired into the illusion of this physical world that makes us feel like we need to do better, act better, be better. As a result, we are unaware of our perfection, and need to clear those limiting beliefs so that we can accept ourselves, perceived flaws and all, and finally see our real selves, rather than a version that doesn’t know its own greatness.

The thing is, whatever you focus on is what you attract. So, as long as you focus on your “flaws,” you will continue to see imperfection in the mirror.

If you don’t love yourself, you are constantly sending out an energetic vibration that says you don’t deserve. The Universe does not judge, it will just give you more reasons to feel unworthy.

When you begin to accept your perceived flaws and see yourself for Who You Really Are – A Divine Being, then ironically, those perceived flaws will go away because you’re no longer feeding them the energy they need to survive. Love yourself. You deserve it.


music noteBlog Beats: Last Christmas by Wham!

You might think my choice of blog beats for this post doesn’t make sense, after all it’s about a jilted lover; I might have better chosen a song like The Greatest Love Of All, but I’ve already written about that song, and my message today is about loving yourself not in spite of, but including, your perceived imperfections, even if you haven’t until now, and knowing you are worth it. It’s about giving your heart to someone special – you!

synchronicity-icon Synchronicity Snippet: Today’s feature image is from a picture I took yesterday & a friend was blessed with the deer kissing in her backyard this morning. Love is a many-splendored thing!

Don’t worry about improving yourself. Just be your best self; not by trying to be better, but rather by letting go of all the untruths you believe about yourself, so your true self, your Divine Self can shine through. Ready?

thumbs-up 31 Days Of December French Hens & Turtle Doves Positivity Practice #4: Love Yourself

Love yourself. Find beauty in a perceived flaw.


Go to my French Hens & Turtle Doves page to see how I found beauty in a perceived flaw!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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16 thoughts on “Someone Special

  1. It’s a process Jackie – I think that’s why we must “practice” – I don’t know too many people who it comes easy for. For me too – blogging is definitely a path to forcing yourself to push your limits!

  2. Reblogged this on word2yourmother and commented:
    Y’all. This is worth every second of your time. A perfectly worded message we all need to IMPROVE on…and possibly read 20 times a day if you’re anything like myself. I hope to bring more positivity into my life through Kurilane
    >>Self-worth, self-assurance, self-LOVE<<

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