The Universe Delivers!

Day 338

“In spite of all things round about you that deny it, you walk as though your wish were true. And in a way that you do not know, it will externalize itself within your world and you will actually receive it.”

– Neville Goddard

If you pull on a loose thread, it will unravel the whole cloth if you keep going. That’s how I feel about this post. It took me a while to decide which of the Principles of Positivity I was going to write about today because what happened this morning could apply to so many of them, and if I keep “pulling at the thread,” I will end up writing about the whole panoply of positivity principles in this post.

I have to rein in my thoughts – I still have twenty-eight posts to write before I wrap up my Thirty-One Days Of December French Hens & Turtle Doves Positivity Song. Although, I must say, since I started “singing this song,” the thoughts are flowing faster than I can type, and I feel like I need to get a bucket or something to keep them from flowing out all over the place – that’s a good sign that you love what you do; but’s that’s a topic for another day!

Like I said yesterday, only the first two principles in my list were in order of importance, because I thought they were the two key principles to creating a life you love, but the Universe has its own order. Although I could’ve chosen the principle I deliberately specified as the second most important for this post, I decided to go with one that fit a bit better, but I started this “song” with the first principle – gratitude, and my experiences today are a great example of what happens when you practice gratitude – the Universe opens up and gives you EVERYTHING!

If you checked my French Hens page before this post was published, you would’ve noticed that my kindness act from yesterday wasn’t there – it is now. You can read the details of my act of kindness on the French Hens & Turtle Doves page. 

I had planned to go out yesterday evening and do some good. I thought maybe I’d take some hot food and a warm blanket to a homeless person, but I was unable to get out, and decided I’d do my kindness act first thing today. I wished I had been able to do it yesterday, but I didn’t stress because I had absolutely no doubt that I would perform my act of kindness today.

I got up early this morning, and as I was having my morning tea, I realized that there was a subtle distinction between kindness and giving, and the food and blanket idea might better qualify for the latter – a principle to be discussed another day.

I realized that the kindness practice was more about making someone’s life a bit easier, or lightening their load in some way, if only for a short while. So I was back to square one, thinking about what to do for my kindness act. At the same time that I had this epiphany, my phone was dinging with text messages. When I finally looked, I saw a request from a friend.

The act of kindness that I was meant to perform came to me in that text. The Universe delivered! 

I almost couldn’t believe it. Almost. I wasn’t totally surprised because I believed it would work out. When you believe that things will work out, you attract more good into your life. The Universe has its ways of making things manifest. Today’s feature image even showed up while I was out performing my act of kindness today – talk about signs from the Universe!


That’s the principle that best fits today:

When you believe, the Universe delivers! Always.

Thoughts. Do. Become. Things.

My day reminds me of a story from a few years ago. A friend of a friend wanted a knock-off of the latest Louis Vuitton handbag as a Christmas gift for his wife, but there were no replicas where he lived. He absolutely believed that he would get her that bag for Christmas and mentioned it “in passing” to my friend, who knew about the not-so-secret imitation purse industry in Manhattan’s China Town.

It was days before Christmas, and my friend asked if I’d go find the bag his friend’s wife had her heart set on, so I headed downtown to help them out. It was always a fun adventure to go knock-off purse shopping in China Town because the shop folks had to reinvent their strategy often to stay ahead of the game, so you never knew what was going to happen.

This time, they had secret chambers behind legit store fronts. A woman would appear out of nowhere and whisper “purse purse” in a thick Asian accent. Then, without another word, she’d usher you in from the street through these secret passages, like something from a James Bond film into a world of Louis and Prada and Channel and Gucci. Shhh – it’s our little secret.

I found the bag, and shipped it to him just in time for Christmas. He believed that he would get his wife what she wanted, and the Universe conspired to make it happen; using me, a complete stranger, 3000 miles away.

The Universe has its ways of making things manifest. Believe.

The magic of believing opens doors, even seemingly unrelated doors. When you believe, the Universe responds by making your thoughts a reality – if you need an act of kindness, the Universe will give it to you, right at your fingertips, literally. When you believe, you don’t have to bang your head against a wall to make things happen – signs, purses, and whatever you want will literally manifest wherever you are! That’s the magic of believing. Wanna give it a try?

thumbs-up 31 Days Of December French Hens & Turtle Doves Positivity Practice #3: Believe

Believe that things will work out the way you want.


Go to my French Hens & Turtle Doves page to see what the magic of believing manifested!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Embrace your journey into self discovery.

Get inspired to create a life you love.

Awaken to the truth of your Divine Magnificence.

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