Now You See It

Day 286

“Like attracts like. Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious identically creates.”

– Brian Adams

Outside my bedroom window is a T-junction street where the base of the T is a 100-foot cul-de-sac directly ahead of me. The cross street is longer, and when I look out my window everyday, I tend to look left and right at the longer street rather than straight ahead.

I’m more than halfway through the second experiment of Pam Grout’s nine do-it-yourself energy experiments from her book E-Squared, that promise to prove your thoughts create your reality. I wrote about the first experiment a couple of days ago, you can read about it here. This second experiment proves that our consciousness brings things into our experience. In other words, what you focus your thoughts on is what you notice around you. For the first 24 hours, I was to set the intention to see green cars; and the next 24 hours to find butterflies.

I’ve been writing my daily blog for 286 days now; that’s nine-and-a-half-months. When I created this blog, I received some suggestions of blogs to follow by default. The Daily Post was one of them. It’s a WordPress blog with useful tips, resources and information about blogging – things that would have really helped me with this venture from Day 1, and given me exposure to a wider audience of readers right from the start, if I had noticed it.

As soon as I set an intention to find green cars, I looked out my bedroom window and you know what I saw in the cul-de-sac right ahead of me? Yup, a green truck. I have been checking on it ever since, and it’s always there. It has probably always been there but I never noticed it because I wasn’t thinking about green cars. That was the only green vehicle I saw in the allotted time period for the experiment, however, I did see a lot of green things other than my natural surroundings, which I normally don’t notice. I was more focused on finding the color green than on finding cars, so I think my experiment was successful.

I forgot about the second half of the experiment until 5 hours after it was supposed to begin, so I started it at 11pm last night. Right after I set my intention to find butterflies, I saw an article from the The Daily Post in my blog feed describing about a number of challenges that are available for bloggers to participate in that not only help us come up with ideas to write about, but offer our blogs greater exposure by participating in them. Their posts are in my feed every time I log on to write a blog, which is many times a day but I’ve never noticed them before. They even have a special tag for people who post daily. I could’ve used that tag for the last 286 days, not to mention the daily prompts would have come in handy on those occasions when I had major writer’s block!

The connection between the intention to find green cars and the street outside my window is pretty straightforward, but you might be wondering what noticing this article has to do with my intention to find butterflies.

In late April, I launched my tornado-of-kindness campaign. The idea was born from a thought I had about The Butterfly Effect – a physics concept that postulates small causes can have large effects – like a butterfly flapping it’s wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas.

My intention to find butterflies made me notice the article because it was the resulting “tornado” to my flapping “wings of intention.” My small focus on butterflies brought my focus to something larger; something that’s helpful to me. It’s also symbolic of how our thoughts create our lives – every thought can have a significant impact.

I did also see real butterflies. I linked to my writer’s block blog status posts above, which were simply placeholders letting my readers know I why I hadn’t written – not posts that I would normally ever link to, or even go back to look at – but I did look at them today, and one of them has an image of a butterfly. I used it when I was going through “a cocooning” period to crystalize my thoughts, which then reminded me of the post I wrote right afterward, which described my process that I likened to a butterfly’s development stages, and yes that post has a feature image of a butterfly too! And then this post inspired me to search for images of butterflies for my feature image, which I otherwise would obviously not have done because that would be cheating for the experiment. Now, I’ve seen hundreds of butterflies in the last 24 hours. Synchronicity!

And that brings me to the daily prompt challenge – the site offers a daily prompt that you can write about, so I signed up to receive the daily prompts last night. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to write about today’s daily prompt: promises, but the prompt did in fact make me think about Pam Grout’s promise that her experiments would provide proof that our thoughts create our reality; and that thought initiated the sequence of thoughts that led to everything I’ve written in this post. It also made me think of today’s blog beats.

music noteBlog Beats: Promises, Promises by Naked Eyes

This whole experience is proof that when we focus on what we want, we draw it in to our reality. Remember this experiment the next time you catch yourself thinking about things that are not right in your world. Immediately stop yourself from continuing with the negative self-talk and focus on your desires. Your thoughts will lead the way to creating your dream life!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Update: At about 8:30pm this evening, I sat down to catch up on some of my recorded television programs. I have a few that I have to catch up on, and I usually watch the oldest ones first. Keep in mind, my 24-hour-intention to find butterflies ends at 11pm tonight. This time, I felt like watching a show that aired last night, and guess what I saw? A string of beautiful wooden butterflies hanging from the door in one of the scenes.

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